Factor 4 Skin Needling

Factor 4 Needling For Skin Rejuvenation

Factor 4 Needling is a pioneering treatment that harnesses your body’s growth factors to boost collagen production, enhancing skin appearance. It effectively targets fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin, and is renowned for hair rejuvenation and scar reduction. With benefits outlasting traditional treatments like Botox, Factor 4 offers a long-lasting solution for those seeking to rejuvenate their appearance.

This treatment is versatile, suitable for the face, neck, décolletage, and beyond, addressing issues such as stretch marks, dark eye circles, and acne scarring. Factor 4’s unique process involves concentrating the patient’s own plasma, enriching it with growth factors for rapid healing and exceptional results, making it a natural and effective choice for comprehensive skin and hair rejuvenation.

Factor 4 Skin Needling At Mirra Skin Clinic
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Factor 4 For Hair Restoration

Factor 4 Hair Restoration naturally stimulates the body’s own hair follicles and overall appearance of the hair. By performing this treatment with the plasma your body will naturally accept the solution, as it contains a super-concentration of your own rich growth factors and cytokines. This process encourages instinctive strong and vibrant hair growth to the targeted area of concern.

What Can Be Treated With Factor 4 Hair Rejuvenation?

  • Strengthen existing hair follicles
  • Promoting hair growth
  • Minimise further hair loss
  • Improvement in overall hair health
  • Female Androgenetic Alopecia
  • Thinning of hair
  • Hormonal hair loss
  • Male Pattern Baldness

*4-6 treatments, every 14 days are recommended for optimal results, as well as maintenance treatments if necessary.

Benefits of Factor 4 Needling

Tighten and Rejuvenate the Skin

Skin Rejuvenation

Eliminates Fine Facial Hair​

Hair Restoration

Prevents Deeper Lines and wrinkles

Fine Line Reduction

Reduces Skin Irritation

Scar Minimisation

Tighten and Rejuvenate the Skin

Even Skin Tone

Suitable for Many Skin Types

Natural Results

Latest Testimonials

Price List

Factor 4 Needling

  • Blood collection $15
  • Factor 4 needling package $2000

    (Includes 4 treatments)

Patients have the option to choose from 12 or 36 needles per square cm for a moderate or intense treatment result.

Optimising Your Factor 4 Needling Results

For the most effective outcomes, a series of 4-6 Factor 4 Needling sessions, spaced approximately 14 days apart, is recommended. This tailored approach allows for the gradual enhancement of skin texture and tone, with maintenance treatments advised to sustain the rejuvenating effects.

Individual responses may vary, and during your consultation, a personalised treatment plan will be developed to meet your specific needs and ensure optimal results.

  • Hydration: Keep your skin well-hydrated to support the healing process.
  • Sun Protection: Use a high SPF sunscreen daily after the initial 48-hour period to protect your rejuvenated skin.
  • Follow-Up Treatments: Depending on your individual response, additional sessions may enhance and prolong the benefits of Factor 4 Needling.
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Pre + Post Treatment Care

During the Treatment:

  • Numbing: A topical anaesthetic cream is applied to ensure comfort during the procedure.
  • Application: Your personalised Factor 4 serum is applied to the skin, followed by microneedling to enhance absorption and stimulate skin rejuvenation.
  • Sensitivity: Some areas may feel more sensitive, but discomfort is generally minimal.
  • Blood Collection: Visit our clinic for a preliminary blood draw before your initial Factor 4 session. Our therapists will collect two vials of blood, which are then processed to concentrate your growth factors.
  • Processing: The blood is incubated, then centrifuged to separate and concentrate growth factors, stored for use in up to four treatments.
  • Immediate Aftercare: Expect the numbing effect to wear off within a few hours. Mild redness, swelling, or bruising may occur, typically subsiding within 48 hours.
  • Makeup and Sun Exposure: Avoid makeup and direct sunlight for 48 hours to support the healing process.
  • Healing Phase: The first week post-treatment is crucial for collagen production, with initial improvements visible. Optimal results develop over the next 7 to 30 days, at which point further sessions may be recommended for best outcomes.

Results From Our Clients

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Factor 4 Skin Needling

Frequently Asked Questions

Factor 4 Needling uniquely utilises your own concentrated plasma, rich in growth factors, to naturally stimulate skin and hair rejuvenation. This personalised approach ensures compatibility and maximises the healing process, offering a distinct advantage over generic treatments.

By concentrating and applying your own growth factors directly to the scalp, Factor 4 Needling invigorates dormant hair follicles, promoting stronger, healthier hair growth and addressing conditions like thinning hair and alopecia.

For comprehensive results, we recommend 4-6 Factor 4 sessions, spaced 14 days apart. The specific number may vary based on individual goals and conditions, with maintenance treatments advised for sustained benefits.

Initial improvements are often noticeable within a few days post-treatment, with the full benefits developing over the next 7 to 30 days as collagen production is stimulated and the skin begins to rejuvenate.

Factor 4 Needling is suited for individuals seeking natural, effective solutions for skin rejuvenation or hair restoration. It’s ideal for those looking to address specific skin concerns like fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, and uneven tone or texture, as well as hair thinning or loss.

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